• The best of both worlds

    The best of both worlds

    The strength of conventional medicine, combined with an integrative approach... 

    Renovi Medicine offers evidence-based integrative medicine service to address your medical needs.  Our approach extends beyond what conventional medical offices offer, and helps you explore more diagnostic and treatment options.

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  • Transforming Health

    A truly multi-disciplinary paradigm based on evidence

    Our team aims to address the underlying conditions that affect your health so that you can feel better and suffer less.

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  • Under the care of a pioneer

    Our patients benefit from a physician who listens 

    Dr. Yen Ingrid Lai M.D. is a trusted advocate for your health.  She is respected by her colleagues and patients for her compassion and deep understanding of how to diagnose and treat various medical conditions.  

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ReNovi Medicine

  • 1343 E. Gladstone St. Suite 100
  • Glendora, CA. 91740
  • (next to AMC & 24-Hour Fitness)
  • PHONE: (909)971-9888
  • FAX: (909)971-9555