All new patients are scheduled for an initial consultation with the physician to establish care.  We do not schedule a "routine physical exam" or "PAP smear" on an initial visit.

Your first appointment with our physician will be longer than typical follow-up appointments.  Please inform our staff of your time constraints when scheduling the appointment.  We respect your valuable time, and will do our best to give you the time and attention you need.  Please allot sufficient time for your appointments.


Cancellation, no-show, punctuality

Please keep scheduled appointments.  You will be reminded a few days before your appointment.  If you need to cancel, please notify our office at least two full business days in advance.  

Renovi Medicine accommodates patients who come from a wide geographic area.  Because of the high demand for appointments, we respectfully ask our patients to covenant with us on the following:

1.  Out of respect to be fair to the majority of patients who honor their commitment, we request that you notify our office at least two full business days in advance when you need to cancel an appointment.  We will help you reschedule for a more suitable alternative time in the future.

2.  As a courtesy, we will call you a few days before your scheduled appointment to remind you.  You will only be charged a $25 fee for late cancellation if you inform us within 24 hours of the appointment time.

3.  When you don't bother cancelling the appointment and not show for your scheduled office visit, your failed appointment will be considered "no-show" and a $25 fee will apply.  

4.  We will extend grace for special circumstances, but in general, when a patient repeatedly fails to show for appointments or cancel without advance notice, or is excessively late multiple times, that patient is at risk of being discharged from our practice.  

In an effort to provide all patients with the soonest follow-up possible, we require all accounts with multiple "no-shows" to pay the balance of fees prior to scheduling an appointment.  


Appointments for new patients

We apologize that we can't often get new patients an appointment soon enough.  We are working on it.  

With recommendations from our existing patients, we have come up with a policy to cut down the occurrence of wasted appointment slots due to late-cancellation or no-show for initial new-patient appointments.  These initial appointments take up multiple slots.  Since it is challenging to hold accountable those who are not yet established patients, these appointments are sometimes unpredictable.  Our goal is to make follow up appointments available while making room for new patient appointments.   That is why we hold new patients to the same cancellation / no-show policy as established patients.  

We ask that you speak with the staff if you feel this policy causes hardship for you.  We are open to suggestions on how we can serve you in a spirit of mutual respect.


Respect for privacy and personal information

If you are already a patient, you can designate someone else besides yourself to make appointments or speak on your behalf when communicating with our office.   We have no problem with that, as long as we know who you are, and can be confident to communicate with your proxy.  

For new patients making the initial contact with our office, we request that they communicate with us directly.  After we get to know you personally, we have no problem speaking with your designated representative.