The best of both worlds

The strength of conventional medicine, combined with an integrative approach... 

Renovi Medicine offers evidence-based integrative medicine service to address your medical needs.  Our approach extends beyond what conventional medical offices offer, and helps you explore more diagnostic and treatment options.



Do you have a reliable advocate to help you navigate what modern medicine has to offer?  The specialty of integrative holistic medicine incorporates other complementary, science-based modalities into the practice of conventional Western medicine. Instead of an either/or paradigm, this win-win approach promotes interdisciplinary collaboration to benefit the patient. This specialized field has been explored by a growing number of physicians who seek the framework to responsibly guide patients. Some top institutions have established integrative medicine programs targeting cancer, heart disease, pain, and other illnesses: Duke, UCSF, Scripps/UC San Diego, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, Columbia, and the Mayo Clinic.