Feedback from Patients

ReNovi Medicine has grown rapidly, thanks to its loyal patients over the years.  They come from all over Southern California and beyond.  The confidence our patients place in our care motivates us to innovate even more.   They also affirm our culture of honoring our patients with kindness and excellent care.  

We are keenly aware of the potentially long wait time for a new patient to get an appointment.  We are trying different solutions, like offering patients to be put on a wait list for cancellations.  We regularly fill vacant slots from the wait list.  

We are also working on reducing the wait time for patients’ appointments by being more firm in concluding individual office visits on time, so as not to cause delay for other patients who are waiting to see the doctor.  Some of our patients drive more than an hour, and if they can't arrive on time, we try to accommodate them the best we can without affecting subsequent patients who are waiting.  

Our patients can help reduce the lag time in obtaining an appointment by following our appointment policy more closely.   We purposely leave gaps in our schedule and not overbook.  Whenever there is a last-minute cancellation or no-show, it affects our capacity to quickly offer the vacancy to another patient on the waiting list.  This is especially hard when it happens to new-patient appointments that occupy a larger gap.  Our late-cancel or no-show policy is therefore set up to discourage such tendency.

Our office regularly receives thank-you notes of encouragement for the doctor and staff team.  

We thank our patients for their support, giving feedback to let us know how we are doing. Below are some of the patient comments.  Click here to see what we do with online reviews.


"I went to Dr. Lai not feeling great but accepting that this was how one feels when they get to be middle aged.  Through a change in diet and some vitamins, I now feel better than I have in years. Dr. Lai is extremely professional, very thorough and gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. The best part was that I did not have to go on pharmaceuticals."     J.M.  Altadena.


"I was having a hard time managing several of my chronic health problems before I was recommended to Dr. Yen Lai.  I looked up her academic credentials and trusted that she had done the right mix of professional training to help patients like me.  Honestly, I had low expectation at first.  this holistic medicine thing is still pretty foreign to me.  My brother and his family have been under Dr. Lai's care for quite a few years, and they actually look forward to going to her clinic.   He sent me to Dr. Lai's office.   The staff is obviously busy but they make you feel at home.  Dr. Lai is truly exceptional.  She listens well, and you can tell while she is talking to you, she is thinking deeply about different options.  

Specific things this office has done for me:  because I have Kaiser, I am paying cash to see her.  Her rates are very reasonable, for someone her caliber and experience.  I find her staff helpful in explaining one of the specialty tests I needed.  the insight from that test result, combined with Dr. Lai's clinical experience, led to a few adjustments in my treatment.  Now, going on 8th month, I have not felt this well in so long.  My health is still improving, because we are working on other problems gradually.  

You sometimes forget how "healthy" feels like, when you live with chronic, annoying health prblems.   I am so thankful that someone like Dr. Lai is good at the conventional medicine, but chooses to enrich herself with other integrative medicine models so that she can offer her patients more.  
I also respect her for offering her service to insurance patients.  Although it doesn't apply to me (Kaiser insurance), I have sat in waiting room where other patients have expressed how happy they are to be able to use their PPO insurance.  Most practitioners that do holistic medicine offer it as cash only, and quite expensive.  Not so with her office.  I hope they keep up their mission of transforming people's health, and inspiring change."   M.M., Upland


"Dr Lai has changed my life both mentally and physically with diet, vitamins and knowledge. Professionally she's the best and sincerely cares about her patient's well being. To have a Dr like Dr Lai is beyond a blessing. Her staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I always look forward to my visits because I know I'm going to be much healthier for it. I love you guys keep up the good work.   If you're looking for excellent care give her staff a call!"     R.T.  Glendora


"I have a 23 year old daughter that suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. We have taken to her some of the best doctors and experts across the country. The key for us is to treat her injured brain, the most complex organ of all, and to find ways to help it re-grow new pathways of learning and function liking walking, talking, memory even sleeping.  With so many of the doctors it was really a guessing game because each brain injury is as unique as the individual person.    What I LOVE about Dr. Lai is that she is a Licensed MD that also specializes in integrative medicine.  I could trust my daughters overall health was being carefully managed as Dr. Lai began treating her brain by measuring her neurotransmitter levels and recommending supplements by the test results, not just trail and error. I love that she ordered blood tests to measure key vitamins instead of just suggesting general ones. And I love how she has her staff input these test results so every time I sit at her desk with her, she pulls up the most current labs and the history of each in a easy to read format that tells her exactly what is working or not. So each visit, she is able to know whether the amounts that are taken need to be adjusted or not. It's not a guessing game with her.  And she doesn't just treat everybody with a general treatment plan.   I also especially appreciate how she manages her time and we rarely have to wait more than 10 minutes once arriving.  By the way, my daughter is doing very well, living with the permanent affects of a brain injury and I owe a great deal of that to Dr. Lai - right here in my own neighborhood."    D.P. Covina.


 "Dr. Lai's office has set a high standard for personalized medical care.  She is an exceptional physician that takes time to research best options for my conditions (fatigue, weight, cardiovascular, blood pressure), guides me through change, and achieves impressive improvements that I didn't experience before.  She streamlined my prescription medication, saved me money by reducing unnecessary supplements I was taking on my own, and helped me concentrate on doing a few things that really made a difference in how I feel.  Her office was proactive in helping me get timely radiology tests.  She is respected by other MDs in the community because of her academic credential."    F.P.  Upland.


"Dr Lai is attentive, friendly and really knows her stuff. I love that she is an all-in-one.. she practices Integrative Medicine, so she is trained in both traditional and holistic medicine which was very important to me, and she is also a gynecologist, so I go to her for everything!"   M.E. La Verne.


"Dr. Lai's office has helped me address a long-term problem that used to cause a great deal of pain.  The pain has mostly decreased, albeit still there, but I am grateful for her workup on me.  She is thorough.  Because of my personal experience, I know how conservative she is toward pain medication.  She requires that while she works with me on my other problems, I also work with a pain specialist who takes responsibility for my pain meds.  I know this office policy makes some patients resentful, because of the inconvenience of not getting continued refills on certain medications from her office.

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Lai.  Several of my friends are her patients.  She is known for being compassionate.  Also she is exceptional at what she does, with all her extra training and certifications.  I feel sorry for those who portray her office as money-driven.  Dr. Lai's office accepts insurance.  That says a lot.  I respect this doctor because she makes integrative medicine accessible to patients.  My family and I use our PPO insurance to see her.  So do the majority of her patients.  It works just like going to other MD offices, except you get more from this office for their level of medical expertise.  She doesn't see a lot of patients a day, even though her appointment schedule is quite full.  That's a problem they need to address, but you can't blame the office for having such a high demand.  She is soft-spoken, cordial, and I have seen her train her staff patiently as they work together to help many patients.  I don't know what makes the other reviewer write what she wrote.  As successful as any doctor is, there will always be discontent among those who don't get what they want."    K.G.  West Covina


 "I needed a pre-surgery clearance.  Dr. Lai's office went out of their way to assist me and the cardiologist's office so that the process went smoothly.  I know they were not required to help me this much, but seeing their dedication makes me wonder how medicine has changed so much these days.  So many unknowns and so much to absorb.  Doctors do get to care for their patients the way they used to.  But with Renovi medical clinic, I see so much life-giving energy.  They really love what they do, and it shows."       L.M.   Los Angeles